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Solo shows: CHI & NYC

ello kiddies, I hope you be good. Am excited for these upcoming solo shows. Got one in Chicago and one in Brooklyn in the next few weeks. Hope you'll join me. Here's the business... campaign wrapping up

Hello good Peoples! Today, Monday June 24th, marks the final official day of our campaign for the new album Gallows Etiquette. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, there is still time. A special thank you to everyone who has joined us along the way. I...

Today, Nov. 6 is election day. Please go vote!

Hello citizens, Just a friendly reminder/urging to make sure you take the time to go vote today. In Chicago, the polls are open till 7pm. As long as you get there before 7pm you will still be allowed to vote! Here is a helpful site to make sure you are all...