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Cameron McGill

New poem live at Lunch Review

Hi all,

I want to share with you a new piece titled “[FACTS] VELOCITIES.” Thank you to the editors at Lunch Review for publishing it. This poem is one contribution to advocacy for sensible gun legislation in America. It does not seek to address all types of gun violence (though hopes to advocate for all its victims), but rather to juxtapose Facts on a variety of issues—gun ownership, rates of death and injury, mass-shootings, mental health, the gun industry, the effects of pet ownership on the physical and mental health of human beings—with a rendering of various human Velocities. My hope is that the Velocities become as much the argument against gun violence as do the Facts, Facts which sadly necessitate the re-writing of this poem every day. Of course, the question remains whether the true velocity of our hands is closer to the gun or the touch. May we resist the former and hope for the latter.



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