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August 8 @ The Whistler, Chicago

Hell this summer has been busy, but that is good. Lots of traveling, lots of songs, lots of shows. We couldn't be more excited to be playing our next Chicago show with Judson Claiborne at The Whistler (2421 N. Milwaukee) on Wed. August 8th. This is a 21+ FREE show and it...

August 2 & 3 Indiana solo shows

Hello Friends, Had a great weekend of Margot shows these past few days in OH and IN. Happy to let you know that I will be back in Indiana for some solo shows in early August. Hope you can join me.

8.02.12 @ The Bishop, Bloomington, IN w/ The...

Chicago Mixtape

Hello all. We are excited to be featured in this week's Chicago Mixtape. They selected a song called "Counterfeit" which we will be performing this Thursday @ The Hideout in Chicago.

The Chicago Mixtape folks put together a mix each week, focusing on bands who are playing...