Dressing the Gallows

Gallows Etiquette’s official release included  a year’s worth of planning, identifying and producing the artwork related to the album by collaborators familiar to assisting with Cameron’s previous recordings and branding such. Below is an assortment of Gallows items produced for Cameron over the course of 2012 through late 2013 by Dave DeCastris (illustration, design, photography), Jonas Mason (photography), with overall art direction by Andy Whorehall.

Included are album cover draft ideas and working notes that show a sliver of the process of what became Gallows’ final identity, as well as the split single released in 2014 featuring unreleased songs from the Gallows sessions, “Canyonlands / godspeedyoudaredevil“.

[Download an 8 page DigiBook PDF of Gallows Etiquette‘s lyrics and credits that was distributed with all iTunes purchases upon the album’s release.]